The art of writing an Airbnb listing title

The listing title is one of the first things a potential guest will read about your Airbnb so it’s important to make the words as enticing and attention-grabbing as possible.

You are competing with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other listings in a particular city and you need to use all your marketing skills to get a traveller to click on your heading. You only have 50 characters to convince someone to click.

1. Choose your words wisely

Don’t waste words by stating the obvious or writing something that’s dull. For example, “Studio space in Kuala Lumpur” doesn’t sound as interesting as, “Eco-friendly studio surrounded by green trees”. And “Small apartment in Paris” is less enticing than, “Art deco apartment with high ceilings and natural light”.

What are the key selling points of your Airbnb? Make sure they are in the title. Is it pet-friendly, child-friendly, eco-friendly, or couple-friendly? Is it in a tranquil or naturally beautiful setting? Does it have a style that’s worth stating such as minimalist, art deco, modern, vintage or earthy?

Did someone famous once stay there? Is it an old building that has been converted such as a church, barn or farmhouse? Whatever it is that you think is the biggest selling point for guests…get those words in your title.

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2. Location-specific

Remember that guests will have already put in the location of your city in order to search for a place to stay so there’s no need to double up on that information. Putting the name of your location in the heading is a waste of characters and it’s telling them something they already know.

Instead, choose a nearby tourist site to mention in the title that is likely to be somewhere visitors are keen to go to. For example, if you live in London you might say, “Close to Big Ben” or if you are based in Hong Kong you could say, “Near Temple Street Night Market”.

What to do if you don’t live near a major tourist attraction? You can draw their attention to other location-specific information. For example, if you want to attract families to stay, you might have a title that says, “Family home close to beautiful park and playground”. Or if you are targeting business travellers, you might say, “Minimalist studio walking distance to convention centre”.

3. Outstanding features

What sets your Airbnb apart from the rest? Is there a swimming pool or hot tub? Do you have an onsite gym that guests can use? Are there magnificent views? Do you have a rooftop garden where guests can have BBQs?

It could be something as simple as mentioning the blooms outside your window in order to catch the attention of a potential guest, such as, “Fourteenth-century cottage surrounded by rose gardens”.

Also think about mentioning ‘Fast WIFI’ if you know that internet connections can be problematic in other parts of the city where you live, as this could encourage visitors to book with you.

4. Update according to events and seasons

Many hosts live in cities where there are big events that draw lots of tourists – whether it’s a sporting event like Wimbledon or an arts event like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Accommodation in areas nearby can be booked out well in advance.

It’s a good idea, in the lead up to these events, to mention them in your listing title. Chances are, people who are searching for a place to stay around that time are likely to be going to the event and looking for convenient accommodation. For example, “Terrace house near Edinburgh Festival venues” or “Studio located on the free shuttle route to Wimbledon”.

If you live in an area that usually has an influx of travellers depending on the season or seasonal events, consider adjusting your listing accordingly at that time of year. For example, “Ideal location for viewing Cherry Blossoms” or “Winter-escape with log burner and underfloor heating” or “Summer Lake House with free canoes”. Be sure to change the price of your listing at peak times along with your title.

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