A good night’s sleep: Making your Airbnb a slumber haven

How many of us sleep well when we are away from our own bed? There’s a reason why many people take their favourite pillow when they go away and it’s because a good night’s sleep is important for our health and wellbeing.

Travel can often result in disturbed sleep due to unfamiliar noises, the hardness or softness of the mattress, or the brightness of the room. If you want to keep getting great reviews… consider turning your Airbnb into a slumber haven for guests.

Mattress for your Airbnb

You may think that throwing an old foam mattress on the spare room floor and putting your place on Airbnb is an easy way to make a few dollars but how comfortable will that be for your guests and how likely are they to recommend your spare bed to other travellers?

There’s no need to spend excessive amounts of cash on a plush mattress but it’s important to consider the level of comfort and amenities you are offering travellers when they lay down to sleep… and if you have the money, spend it on a good quality mattress for guests.

Mattress checklist:

  • Make sure there are no springs sticking out
  • Provide a mattress that offers a decent level of support (medium to firm)
  • Check that the bed frame is stable
  • Air/turn the mattress between guests so that it doesn’t become musty

Linen and bedding for your Airbnb

Most travellers will prefer cotton bedding that is breathable and won’t leave them feeling too hot and bothered during the night. If you can’t afford to buy good quality cotton sheets then always open the packet and feel the sheets before you purchase to try and gauge how comfortable and soft they will be to lie on.

There are some great polyester-cotton blends on the market if you are on a tight budget and want to provide decent bedding. Also consider offering guests a choice between blankets and duvets.

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Choice of pillows

Flat, fluffy, filled with feathers… who’s to know what kind of pillow your guest prefers to sleep on? If you can, try to offer a few different types so that hopefully they can find one that suits them.


Block-out curtains are a good way to help your guests get to sleep and stay asleep, especially if your Airbnb is in Europe where the sun can be out until late at night and rise early in the Summer.

If you can’t afford thick curtains you can always leave a blanket or some kind of large piece of dark material in their room for them to hang over the window to reduce the amount of light entering the room.


Many tourists will pack ear plugs but buying a few disposable packets and leaving them out for guests won’t cost you very much and could be the difference between a good and bad review for your Airbnb – especially if it’s located in the centre of a busy city where there’s traffic noise that might cause a disturbance. Eye masks can also be a nice touch and assist with sleep.


Always be honest when you are describing the kind of bed you’re offering and level of comfort of your Airbnb. If guests are expecting a king mattress on a four-poster bed, don’t let them arrive to find an old fold-out sofa with a thin foam mattress. Make sure your photos and descriptions match the level of comfort you are providing to guests in real life. The same goes when it comes to noise levels. You need to manage the expectations of travellers.

Getting advice

GuestReady has been helping Airbnb hosts around the world make their Airbnbs into dream-vacation rentals that receive great reviews. If you want advice in creating a more comfortable and slumber-friendly space for guests or managing issues that might arise when a travellers comes to stay with you, contact our team of helpful Airbnb experts.

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