Airbnb & Business Travel: Turning your home into a haven

Would you like to have guests stay longer and pay more? Maybe it’s time you consider transforming your ‘everyday’ Airbnb property into a business travel destination.

By targeting those who book work trips on Airbnb, you stand a better chance of filling up your calendar with longer-term, reliable bookings – as well as being able to charge more per night for your accommodation.

Want to figure out how to tap the lucrative Airbnb business travel market? We have put together some helpful tips for you.

Why are business travellers choosing Airbnb?

The platform has come a long way from its original concept of providing forward-thinking travellers with a spare bed to stay for the night. The company recently released Airbnb for Work which targets corporations and encourages them to use Airbnb to book accommodation for staff when they are away on business.

The more five-star reviews that your Airbnb gets from business travellers, the more likely it will be that your property will appear in the Airbnb for Work search results.

But it’s not only large corporations that are setting up Airbnb for work accounts. Independent business travellers are also choosing Airbnb accommodation over conventional hotels.

Here are the reasons why:

–      They want to feel like they are ‘home’ when they are away from home

–      Staying at an Airbnb is often more cost-effective than booking a hotel room

–      Colleagues can share a house or apartment during a business trip to save cash

–      Shared spaces in Airbnb properties are good for staff morale and team-building exercises.

[bctt tweet=”In 2018, 700,000 companies used AirBnb for Work, up from 250,000 in 2016″ username=”GuestReady”]

Getting your place Airbnb work trip ready

Before you start targeting business travellers there are a few things that you should consider. It’s vital that you get your place business-ready before you welcome your first corporate guest so that you rule out the possibility of disappointment and bad reviews.

1.   Set up a workspace – If you’re pitching yourself as a work-friendly space, you need to ensure that you have some office furniture. Guests will not be happy if they have to sit on the side of their bed to write an email on their laptop. Provide a decent desk and ergonomic chair so that they are as comfortable as possible. Make sure the desk is situated near power points or provide extension leads so that guests can keep devices plugged in when they work.

2.   Tea and coffee facilities – There’s no better way to pleasantly surprise a business traveller than by giving them a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee to start their workday. Invest in a great coffee making machine that is easy to use and make sure you provide all the necessary equipment. Have a good selection of teas, as well as a kettle. Ensure there’s milk (dairy and non-dairy) in the fridge and a sugar bowl nearby.

3.   Awesome internet access – Make sure you have the fastest and most reliable WIFI on offer at your Airbnb and make it easy for guests to connect. Many hosts send WIFI passwords to business travellers ahead of check-in so that the information is stored on their phone for easy-access on arrival.

4.   Laundry facilities – Business travellers don’t have time to hand wash clothes or venture to a local laundromat to wait for their washing to dry. They will expect you to provide them with a good quality washing machine and clothes dryer. Also, keep in mind that the average business person will need to iron shirts and skirts ahead of meetings, so have a reliable steam iron available, as well as a sturdy ironing board.

5.   Charging stations – If you really want to earn the praise and respect of your business travellers, provide them with laptop and phone charging stations equipped with universal power adaptors and extension leads.

More tips on preparing your Airbnb for business travellers here.

Marketing your Airbnb to business travellers

So, you’ve got your high-speed internet connected and work stations set up ready for business travellers – but how do you direct their attention to your Airbnb as they scroll through accommodation options?

1.   Sell your location – Business travellers want to make their lives as easy as possible when they’re away for work. If you’re close to a central tube station in London, mention it. If you’re walking distance from the CBD, put that in your description. Many hosts will include location information in their listing title in order to attract the attention of business travellers.

2.   List all your amenities – If you’ve gone to the effort of making your place business-ready, remember to boast about all the relevant features in your listing. Mention the fast-speed internet and the fabulous coffee maker.

3.   Know your audience – Don’t assume all business people are going to want to stay with you. Target your listing to travellers who are relevant. For example, if your apartment is right next to Google headquarters in London, consider adding “Ideal apartment for Google employees to relax after work”. If your Airbnb is in the creative hub of the city, target travelling graphic designers and artists.

Setting the best price for your Airbnb

Many hosts make the mistake of putting exorbitant rates on their Airbnb – believing that corporations are not overly interested in finding value for money – but most of the time your guests will be independent business people or small companies. And they will want their money’s worth. Know the local market and make sure you are priced competitively.

Offering hotel-standard service

The average business traveller has pretty high standards when it comes to work trip accommodation. They are used to staying in 5-star hotels where they can order a meal at 11 pm and have a maid clean up their mess the next day. In order to impress these worldly travellers, you need to go above and beyond as a host. Make sure your home has the best appliances and finest coffee. Choose quality linen and towels. Some hosts will even offer a daily cleaning service in order to please business guests. Most importantly, be attentive and be on-call to answer any questions or requests.

Airbnb business travel: Do you have what it takes to be a host?

If you’re worried about not being able to meet the high standards of business travellers or if you need help in converting your ‘everyday’ Airbnb into a work-friendly abode, feel free to contact our highly experienced GuestReady team. We can assist with all aspects of running a successful Airbnb that caters for business travellers. Get in touch today.

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